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Due to the difficult terrain on Saturday afternoon, the aid van cannot follow the pilgrims after lunch (for 8 miles), so only pilgrims who can walk that distance should continue after lunch. The pilgrims who aren't continuing after lunch will be ferried by the van to the Rose Lake Campsite.

Please note that this pilgrimage is primarily a religious endeavor which requires a spiritual mindset and disposition. It is not an opportunity for parents to send their children with someone else so they can have a quiet weekend to themselves. Therefore, the following rules will be in place this year:

  1. All pilgrims under the age of 14 must be accompanied by at least one of their parents and they will walk in the same chapter as their parent(s).
  2. Pilgrims from 14 to 17 years of age may be permitted to participate in the pilgrimage without parental accompaniment if they receive the written approval of one of the priests residing in the priory. Otherwise, they will need to be accompanied by at least one of their parents and they will walk in the same chapter as their parent(s).
  3. If you choose to camp over-night, please note that a "lights-out" time will be strictly enforced. By signing up to camp you are acknowledging that you will obey this rule and respect your follow pilgrims.

Registration Form

Registration Fees

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT!! If you register by 5pm on Monday, July 8th, take 20% off the totals shown below

Please note, these fees cover the cost of meals, permits, insurance, rentals, transportation of water and gear, etc.

important: If you cannot afford the registration fees, but still wish to walk on the pilgrimage, please, please, please call the church office at 208.773.7442!!!

REGISTER NOW - PAY on July 19th!

Note! Due to the costs of purchasing food in small quantities - if you do NOT register by 5pm on Monday, July 16th, we have to charge you an ADDITIONAL 20%!!!

Sunday Pilgrimage
Breakfast, Walking & BBQ
Sunday First Mass & BBQ 3 Day Pilgrimage
All Included
Friday or Saturday (Cost Shown per day)
Family $50 $25 $150 $60
Adults $10 $8 $35 $15
Teen (14-17) $8 $6 $25 $12
Youth (6-13) $6 $4 $15 $8
(5 and Under)
$0 $0 $0 $0